April 30, 2015: It is with significant regret that we are compelled to terminate the raffle. We simply have not received the minimum response we needed to break even on the aircraft.

At the outset we determined we needed to sell a minimum of 400 tickets. Much to our disappointment we have not received the participation we had hoped. We do not believe it reasonable to anticipate we shall sell the minimum number of tickets in time to conduct the drawing.

We will be placing the airplane on Ebay in the near future.
Welcome to the official website of the Pioneer Valley Military & Transportation Museum! We are located at Westfield - Barnes Airport in Westfield, MA. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 educational museum-to-be preserving and presenting all forms of military transportation.

Our vision is to have an “Active” museum! Trucks that can be driven, aircraft that fly and other vehicles milling about! We plan to have much more than static displays like many museums. Our goal is to educate the public in an exciting manner with a hands-on experience for all ages. See a WWII airplane take off and fly, view a working air tower replica from the war and read about history first hand from a letter written almost 100 years ago.

Our site will allow visitors to view aircraft activity at the airport including F15 activity of the 104th Fighter Wing as well as to periodically observe vintage war birds and other vintage military and civilian vehicles visiting the museum.

We welcome all new members! A large membership makes up a great institution. Come be part of history in the present and in the future.